Downloads for Model 2011

The files in this section are for the IBM PS/1 – 2011 computer, not the Sony PlayStation 1!


User’s reference for PS/1 Computer – US version, first edition 1990

Technical reference for PS/1 Computer – P/N 57F1970, first edition 1990

ROM images

I’m looking for ROM sets of any international model not listed here. If you’ve got any of those machines, please see below in the utility section for a program to dump the BIOS. Donations are welcome!


The following ROMs can be used with IBMulator.

PS1_2011_ROM_US.zipUS version
PS1_2011_ROM_UK.zipUK version
PS1_2011_ROM_IT.zipitalian version
PS1_2011_ROM_ES.zipspanish version
PS1_2011_ROM_DE.zipgerman version
PS1_2011_ROM_SE.zipswedish version
PS1_2011_ROM_PT.zipportuguese version

If you want to use the ROM dumps above with PCem you have to merge F80000.BIN with FC0000.BIN where necessary (never tested them with PCem though.)

The following are EPROM images you can use to restore a damaged machine:
PS1_2011_EPROM_IT.zipitalian version
PS1_2011_EPROM_DE.zipgerman version
PS1_2011_EPROM_PT.zipportuguese version – BIOS code partially disassembled and commented with IDA Pro (only the main POST procedure and some INT functions) – The content of the ROM drive (the D:\ drive), italian version


PS/1 Audio Card driver for Windows 3.1
Driver is limited in its capabilities (See README.TXT). Install: Move file to an empty directory. From DOS and the directory containing the file, enter: PS1AUDWD. See the README.TXT file, included, for further install instructions.

Utility programs

Use these executables with a PS/1 – 2011 only.

CUSTOMIZ.EXE – used to customize the way the machine operates (eg. if you want to boot directly to DOS or from a floppy)

CONFIGUR.EXE – used to configure the machine hardware after a hardware modification.

BPP.ZIP – Bidirectional Parallel Port by Krister Nordvall
Enables/Disables parallel port bidirectional mode on IBM PS/1 2011/2121 computers.

ROMDUMP.EXE – a program I wrote to dump the ROM.
You can use it to dump the content of the ROM to 1 file (for the US version) or 2 files (for international versions.)
Put the EXE in a floppy disk with at least 300KiB (US) / 600KiB (intl.) of free space.
Usage: ROMDUMP us|intl
Use ‘us’ if you have got the US version, use ‘intl’ otherwise.

CMOSDUMP.EXE – a program I wrote to dump the CMOS memory to a file called CMOS.BIN

ROMDUMP.EXE and CMOSDUMP.EXE are open source software under the GPL license. You can find the source code at the IBMulator git repo.

Disk images / Preloaded software

Files with the IMG extension are disk images. In order to use a floppy image on a real machine, transfer it on a 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy using a program like WinImage or, if you are on Linux, the dd command. Don’t copy the .img file and don’t unpack its content on the floppy, it won’t work.

dos401.img – IBM PC-DOS 4.01, bootable, starts with a GUI and includes CUSTOMIZ.EXE and CONFIGUR.EXE

ps1diag1.img – IBM Advanced Diagnostics Diskette for PS/1 2011. Bootable. – backup floppy images of the hard disk drive, italian version.
This backup has been made in 1990. It’s an almost pristine factory version of the HDD content (it has some additional spurious files, but it’s otherwise complete). To restore you need the dos401.img file; boot the machine with the PC-DOS disk, go to the prompt and run “restore a: c: /s” – hard drive image, italian version.
It has been created with IBMulator and the backup images above. It is in standard LBA format and can be mounted under Linux with the mount program, and probably used with other emulators. Warning: this image is not from a real PS/1 hard drive and it’s only meant to be used with emulators. – hard drive image, US version (reconstructed, see note below)
Warning: this image is not from a real PS/1 hard drive and it’s only meant to be used with emulators. – backup floppy images of the hard disk drive, US version (reconstructed, see note below)
Inside the zip file there’s an updated version of the PC-DOS 4.0 disk that includes an easier restore procedure. If the DOS shell doesn’t auto start, enter DOSSHEL.BAT at the prompt. Then choose “Backup and Restore Your Fixed Disk…”->”Restore your fixed disk”.
To make the fixed disk bootable, at the prompt enter “sys c:” – single files, US version (package reconstructed, see note below)

NOTE for the U.S. version: I created the HDD image with IBMulator starting from the files of a type 2121, downloaded here. It’s an educated guess of what could have been the original software for the 2011. Programs work and versions seem correct, but, if you are concerned about historical correctness, keep in mind that it’s not from a 2011.