Downloads for Model 2123

The files in this section are for the IBM PS/1 model 2123 computer, not the Sony PlayStation 1!

If you’ve got files, disk images, and ROMs, feel free to contact me, I will gladly publish them here for everyone to download.

ROM images – P/N 87F4794, dated 1992

Disk Images / Preloaded software

Files with the IMG extension are disk images. In order to use a floppy disk image on a real machine, transfer it on a 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy using a program like WinImage or, if you are on Linux, the dd command. Don’t copy the .img file and don’t unpack its content on the floppy, it won’t work. – Bootable starter diskette with diagnostics software.
The file 2123STRT.DSK inside the archive is a stardard floppy image. There’s no need to actually use the LOADDSKF.EXE program under DOS, you can use your preferred image transfer program. – HDD preloaded software, US version – same software but as a recovery set (floppy images)
Software included: IBM DOS 5.0, MS Windows 3.0, MS Productivity Pack for Windows, MS Works 2.0. See the included README.TXT file for the recovery procedure.