Floppy replacement

3.5" floppy driveI’m launching the new HOW-TOs section with a guide about how to use a standard, cheap 1.44MB 3.5″ drive as a replacement for a broken PS/1 floppy drive, which has a non-standard interface.

Thanks paperinik77pk for the help!


3 thoughts on “Floppy replacement

  1. bleuge

    hey, thanks you very much, not only for this guide (i wish you could provide many more :D) but also for your emulator,
    i’ve downloaded it and start testing it

  2. narunetto

    Hey, I did the same process for my ps/2 35 sx that has the same type of drive but im getting stuck on the part where you ground pin 4, it actually makes it so it keeps the error and wont boot off the drive at all anymore. with out this hack i can’t boot the setup disk… any help would be appreciated!

    1. hottobar Post author

      Unfortunately I’m not the author of this guide and I’ve never personally tested the procedure. Also it’s specific to the PS/1 (although PS/1s and PS/2s use the same parts)
      It is possible that the particular model of floppy drive you’re are using is not fully compatible; can you try with another brand/model?
      You can also try to ask at the vcfed.org forums, there’s some really expert and helpful guys over there.


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