IBMulator 0.6

The realistic GUI mode

The realistic GUI mode

In this version:

  • Realistic GUI mode
  • New key bindings (for eg. Ctrl-Alt-Del and SysReq)
  • Bug fixes (Windows 3.0 now works)

The Realistic GUI mode is for the retro enthusiasts who want to truly experience the PS/1. In this mode the system is rendered in its entirety, monitor included. There are no additional buttons or controls except for the originals: volume, brightness, contrast, power, and floppy (you need to use the key bindings for any extra function.) The PS/1 model 2011 is 32 cm (12.6″) wide and 34.9 cm (13.74″) tall, so you need at least a 24″ 16:10 monitor in portrait mode (rotated) to render it at real size.

The configuration file (ibmulator.ini) has changed a lot, with a new section. Delete the old one to recreate.

Download at


One thought on “IBMulator 0.6

  1. bleuge

    hi again 😀
    I have a spanish ibm ps/1 2011, so… maybe you are interested in ROMs or the software installed in the HD? It’s in Spanish.


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