IBMulator 0.3

This new version brings these notable improvements:
  • Hard Disk Drive emulation (bare bones)
  • Better PC Speaker emulation
  • Windows x64 version
  • Various bug fixes

The Windows version has been tested only under Windows 8.1. It might run under Windows 7 but I don’t have the resources to test it on anything else than Win 8.1 x64.

The HDD emulation works but it’s very basic (only read, write, seek, read_check commands and DMA data transfers), so any low level diagnostic or format programs will almost certainly not work.

You can download the precompiled binaries at

In the Download section you can find a pre-formatted, bootable HDD image with the italian version of all the IBM factory-installed programs.

Unfortunately an Heisenbug prevents some programs from working properly (CPU throws an invalid opcode exception).

This will be the last version for some time as I don’t have much free time anymore. I will continue to sporadically push code updates to the master branch on GitHub though.


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