PS/1 2011 CA ROM

IBM PS/1 model 2011 ROM, Canadian (english) version.

IBM PS1 2011 – ROM (CA).zip

This ROM has a previously unknown version of the BIOS, dated 03/28/90.

Currently known versions are as follows:

US: date 12/01/89, checksum 0x02
Canada: date 03/28/90, checksum 0xEB
Other non-US (EMEA): date 02/16/90, checksum 0xE5

Support for this ROM has been added in the unstable branch of IBMulator and will be in the next official release.

Thanks Daniel for the dump.


The PS/1 archive and updates

I’ve reorganized my material and updated all filenames in the pages under the “downloads” section.

Italian preloaded software for the 2011 has also been cleaned from extraneous files and the HDD image and backup diskettes have been recreated.

Other previously published content has not been modified.

The complete IBM PS/1 archive, kept updated with new material:

The whole archive as a single compressed file, updated 2 jan. 2022: IBM_PS1_archive_20220102.7z

Please inform me of any broken link.

IBM PS/1 2011 and 2121 preloaded software and diskettes

Paulo contributed with a great amount of good material in the form of preloaded software and diskette images!

PS/1 2011 material

Thanks to Paulo we now finally have a completely original copy of the 2011 preloaded software distributed in the US:

US IBM DOS 4.01 diskette image:

Finnish preloaded software:

Portuguese IBM DOS 4.01 diskette image:

IBM Users’ Club and PRODIGY Service diskette image:

Printer Driver for Microsoft Works diskette image:

PS/1 2121 material

PS/1 2121-NEA US original diskettes:

IBM DOS 4.01 UK diskette image:

IBM DOS 4.01 US diskette image:

US preloaded software (complete and original):

US preloaded software with Windows 3.0 (complete and original):

Microsoft Windows 3 Productivity Pack:

PS/1 2011 patched ROMBIOS for XTIDE Universal BIOS

The standard 2011 ROMBIOS is not compatible with current versions of the XTIDE Universal BIOS.

The last version of XTIDE compatible with the PS/1 2011 is v1.1.5

Starting with v2, XTIDE switched to a late initialization mode, which delays any initialization after the system BIOS calls INT 19h to boot. The problem with the 2011 is that it does not use INT 19h to boot.

The following patched version of the PS/1 2011 ROMBIOS has been modified to use INT 19h if XTIDE v.2+ is installed in the system.

NOTE: it’s for non-US models only (except canadian).

Read the included readme for instructions.